Held Spaces

Nurturing our Spiritual Lives through Spiritual Direction

Woodbrooke online, March - April 2021

Co-facilitated with Nim Njuguna

'To listen to another’s soul into a condition of disclosure and discovery may be almost the greatest service that any human being ever performs for another’ – Douglas Steere

Friends value the primacy of experience of the Spirit and God’s work in our lives above theology and doctrine which are deemed secondary. What then constitutes individual spiritual nurturing and being nurtured for Friends? ... This course offers opportunities to those with an awareness of their spiritual longings or struggles to explore ways of being Spiritual Companions by listening to the spirit and each other ...

A Timely Retreat

Woodbrooke, March 2020

Co-facilitated with Meredith Freeman

Is time a scarce resource for you? Or an endurance test? A tyrant? A gift? We live in both clock-time and kairos – the unbound moment of opportunity. Which gets our attention? Which sets our pace? On this unhurried, interactive retreat we will feel into, explore and perhaps revitalise our relationship with time. Come to reflect, try different perspectives and share your experience, insights and questions. We will ‘attend to what love requires of [us], which may not be great busyness.’

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Listening & Gathering: Holding Space with Spirit

Ammerdown, Oct 2019 & Woodbrooke, Aug 2018

Co-facilitated with Meredith Freeman

Do you hold space for others? Or feel drawn to try? Perhaps you’re someone who listens and accompanies; gathers and grows community; or facilitates conflict resolution. This course invites you to explore the personal aspects and spiritual source of such practice. Join us to welcome a spaciousness that holds and nourishes connection with spirit, ourselves and each other. We will learn by being and doing – come prepared to practice, reflect and share.

Standing in the Light & Sitting in the Dark

Cornwall, Sept 2019; East Sussex, July 2019

Co-facilitating with Meredith Freeman

Are you looking to live a spirit led life? Join us to make space for unhurried, open hearted attention to your inner life and the depths that call us. Together we will explore and create models for navigating from these depths to tangible ways of being and acting; to lives that realise the spirit’s yearning for love and justice.

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Quiet Days

Days for spiritual refreshment with local Quakers at the Old Barn, Kelston Roundhill in 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 and with Exeter Quakers (via Woodbrooke-on-the-Road) in 2018

Quaker spirituality, silence & listening

Guest tutoring sessions for the Sarum Course in Spiritual Direction (Nov 2019, Sept 2018, Feb 2018) and workshops on Sharing Silence & Speech - a Quaker Perspective at the Retreat Association Conference 2018

Conversation evenings

Conversation evenings with Bath Quakers in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 asking: What makes your spirit fly? Who is my neighbour? What feeds your soul? How do you want to change the world? Where are your roots? Who or what is God for you? Why silence?

Keynsham to Bath Walking Pilgrimage

Route created for British Pilgrimage Trust. I helped to organise group walks with Bath Interfaith Group and Dorothy House Hospice Care, Sept 2021 and Sept 2020

Exploring Eldership

Woodbrooke, January 2020

Co-facilitating with Barbara Windle

Weaving our Quakerism

Trowbridge Quakers day at Ammerdown, June 2019