Katie Evans: Breathing Space


I love finding and creating breathing spaces. Times to pause, rest and listen. Spaces to be with the sorrows and joys, meaning and questions of life. Places that allow room for spirituality.

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Upcoming Events

Fri 6 - Sun 8 March 2020, Woodbrooke, Birmingham

Co-facilitating with Meredith Freeman

Is time a scarce resource for you? Or an endurance test? A tyrant? A gift? We live in both clock-time and kairos – the unbound moment of opportunity. Which gets our attention? Which sets our pace? On this unhurried, interactive retreat we will feel into, explore and perhaps revitalise our relationship with time. Come to reflect, try different perspectives and share your experience, insights and questions. We will ‘attend to what love requires of [us], which may not be great busyness.’